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Quarter Master Sergeant George Woods 30th Foot

Meritorious Service Medal to George Woods

George Woods was born in the Parish of St Mary’s, Limerick around 1808. He was a weaver. He joined the 30th Regiment of Foot at Tipperary town on 25 January 1825.

Woods served in the East Indies three years, eight months, Bermuda for two years, 11 months and North America for two years and a month. He was promoted to Corporal in February 1827, then to Sergeant in March 1828 and to Quarter Master Sergeant in January 1847.

Woods was discharged at Chatham on 28 November 1848 having been found unfit for further service. Upon his discharge he was described as being 5 foot 6 inches tall, with hazel eyes and brown hair.

After his discharge he spent five years as a barracks sergeant then joined the King’s County Rifles in King’s County (Offaly), Ireland. In 1858 George is recorded as living in a slatted cottage on Grove Street, Crinkill, just beside Birr Barracks. He shared the cottage John Sweeney, a local contractor.

George married Mary Goodisson in St Brendan’s Church of Ireland Church, Birr on 19 November 1862. George was listed as a widow, his profession was Quarter Master Sergeant of the King’s County Rifles.

George died in August 1875, having served some 40 years in the regular army and militia, he was interred in the local burial ground, Clonoghill Cemetery on 6 August. He rests in an unmarked grave.

General location of George's grave in Clonoghill Cemetery, Birr

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